Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 2.12.14

Hey, team! This is the SECOND-TO-LAST week of the CFCC Recharge!  Don’t forget that Meg will be in the lounge from 6-7pm tomorrow (Wednesday evening) to answer any and all questions you may have or just to high-five you on all your accomplishments thus far!  Stop by and see her!



MOVEMENT PREP: EMOM 10 minutes: 6 HR Push-up x 6 followed by 20 DU OR, if no DU, practice DU for 30 sec after Push-up Reps.
SKILL WORK: Muscle-up Drills
10 minute AMRAP @ an Open Pace:
20 DL @ 50%
10 C2B Pull-ups
20 DL @ 60%
20 C2B Pull-ups
20 DL @ 70%
30 C2B Pull-ups
in the remaining time, AMRAP burpee muscle-ups and for those who do not have them, jumping burpee muscle-ups or burpee box jumps.

What is the CrossFit Open?


“I’m excited about being a very small part of a very big thing,” he said. “I’m nervous about all the skills I think I don’t have, but I’m working on them. I still have a few weeks to get ready, and I’m going to do my best. I made my 2014 fitness goal to solidly prepare for the 2015 Open. How can I do that if I don’t know where I am now? I’m going to find out.”  – 69 year old CrossFitter, Fran Sniderhan – read more here!

Below, a day in the life of a CrossFit Games athlete:


And finally…some exciting news in the world of Good Food!

Have you been thinking that you want incorporate LOCAL, HIGH QUALITY MEAT (and eggs!) into your diet, but the inconvenience factor has been getting in your way? We have the best news…

We are now a drop off spot for the amazing Wyebrook Farm! Located just an hour outside the city in Honey Brook, PA, Wyebrook is a wonderful place where they take immense pride in “produce[ing] the healthiest animals and best food without the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, hormones or antibiotics.” The quality of their grassfed beef, heritage breed pork, pasture raised chicken, and dairy —as many CFCC’ers can attest— is some of the best around.

Now we have the opportunity to get in on the action. Want to place an order? Take a look at their list of cuts and send Wyebrook an email with your order ( by noon on Saturdays. Invoices (which can be paid online) will be delivered to your inbox on Monday, and the orders will be dropped off at CFCC at 1:30pm every Tuesday.

***CFCC has a large cooler to hold all drop-offs, but we can’t otherwise refrigerate or freeze anything, so set a reminder to yourself to pick up Tuesday evening so your order doesn’t go to waste!****

That’s it! No need to sign up, no recurring order, just shoot them an email with what you want and it will arrive to CFCC ready for some tasty Recharge (or anytime) compliant meals. Nom.

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