Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 5.22.13

INTRO to OLY with Erin, at 6am, 7am, 430pm, 530pm, and 630pm.

HYBRID OLY, with Erin, 730-930pm.

If you’re VERY new to figuring out how CFCC eats, be sure to check out this website.  It’s a wealth of information for beginners and a great broad resource.  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to join in on the BCCC this time around, don’t be!  Sign up on the whiteboard across from the Ladies Locker Room and get ready for the BEST BCCC yet!

Below, Perrin from CrossFit 215, and Coach Record complete Workout 2 from this year’s CrossFit Games Regionals.  Perrin, thankfully, has been able to come by frequently to train with Record so that both of them can confidently get an idea for the kind of intensity that will be asked of them when they go to Regionals at the beginning of June.  If you’d like to see BOTH of these fine athletes in action please check out the Facebook Event created for talking out rides to Regionals (it’s not that far away and it’s such an amazing experience!).  Today’s WORKOUT OF THE DAY is from this year’s Regionals as well!



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball as Needed, 5 minutes. Pose Running Drills. Then, 2 attempts at a 400m Run (each for time).  Rest roughly 2 minutes in between efforts.

SKILL WORK: The Box Jump, master the soft landing, practice for 3 minutes.


21-15-9 reps of:

Deadlift (315/205lbs.)

Box Jump (30/24)

*Ideally, for the strongest CrossFitters, this Regional-level workout is attended to be fast, heavy, and furious.  If you are wondering what weight to use for the deadlift, consider that 315/205 is about 55-60% of what most of these athletes deadlift as a max.  If you are wondering how to scale the box jump, consider that any workout involving both deadlifts AND box jumps USUALLY amounts to a case of some serious dead-leg.  Scale back in the box jump if you’d like, but DEFINITELY be intentional about landing as virtuously as you can to mitigate any injuries or missed reps.

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