Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 5.28.14


Reading Terminal Market:

Learn how to navigate this amazing local resource to find the best quality meats, veggies, and other healthy staples in a way that allows you to stick to a sustainable budget AND support area farms and producers. We’re meeting at CFCC at 7:45am this Saturday (5/31) and will walk over together to be there when the market opens at 8am. It’s early to make sure we have plenty of room to move and talk! Advance RSVP is required – email by Thursday, 5/29.

Below, is Amber at the top of a snatch in the Liberty Barbell Club area of CFCC. Are you interested in making your Olympic Lifting better? Look for classes called “Intro to Oly” that are open to all members of CFCC, and if you are serious about moving forward in competitive weightlifting for fun or for the sake of the sport, feel free to email Erin directly at to learn more about the program.



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Pecs against corner, 15 raises per side. Lax Ball between Shoulder Blades, 15 raises per side. Lax Ball Upper Traps while Supine in Glute Bridge, 15 raises per side. Floor Lat Stretch, 1 minute per side. Band-Assisted Pec Stretch, 1 minute per side.
ACTIVATION: Accumulate 3 x 30-60 second (pick your level of difficulty) Lat Activation Holds in Pronated Grip, while resting, complete double under practice as needed. You may be resting anywhere between 1-2 minutes between holds.
STRENGTH: Pronated Grip Pull-up, work up to a heavy set of 3 within 15 minutes.
With a partner complete:
AMRAP in 15 minutes of:
Wall Balls (20, 14# to 10 foot target for both)
60m Farmers Carry (70, 53#)
Partner 1 starts with Wall Balls
Partner 2 starts with 60m Farmers Carry
*60m is 6 passes for the length of the mainroom of the gym.
Switch when Partner 2 returns.

DO YOU LIKE FARMER’S CARRIES? There’s more where that came from at the Strongman Seminar being given by Strongman, Highland Games, and Olympic Weightlifting competitor Mike McKenna. This seminar is set for Sunday, June 8th! Go here for all the info and to sign up today!

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