Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 5.7.14

If you  have  everything  under  control, you’re  not moving  fast enough. – Mario Andretti


The Floor Press is a great way to build strength for the Bench.


SMR: Lax ball Pecs, 10 raises/side Lax ball Shoulders, 1 min/side
Movement Prep
: Band Pull Apart Series, 10 reps/position, 60ft bear crawl, 60ft crab walk
: Plyo Pushups, 4×3
Strength: Floor Press 5 sets, 3 reps. Use 5RM
5 rounds for time
10 strict pull ups
50 double unders
*Scale – 25 attempts or 100 singles

We did this workout in the beginning of the cycle.  Compare your score HERE


Our Summer Recharge starts next week! Sign up for our FREE members-only Nutrition Seminar (this SATURDAY, 12-2pm!) on Mindbodyunder “Seminars.”

Nutrition is an ever-evolving field of study, but at the heart of the matter are two simple truths:

1) “Nothing will work unless you do”, and

2) It (usually) takes a village – community support is crucial to helping you set AND accomplish your goals!

Committing to a change is simple – actually seeing it through is the tough part. It’s one of the reasons that the community at CrossFit Center City is so strong – we know that we have each other’s backs, whether it’s on the final sprint of a 2K row or straining to get the bar up on a max effort deadlift. 

Whether you’ve never before considered changing the way you eat, whether you’ve tried and failed to see it through, or whether you’re continuing happily on the road to greatness, check out how Recharge works here and put your name in the ring! This Challenge has evolved quite a bit over the past years, but one theme is evident throughout – the people who complete it feel and look pretty awesome!

Newer to CFCC? Want to know more about how we think about Nutrition? Click here.

If you haven’t already, consider joining our CFCCEats Facebook group. It’s a great resource for crowdsharing and recipe sourcing! If you like pretty pictures and maybe Ron Swanson memes, follow us on Instagram @cfcceats.

If you can’t make it to our Nutrition Seminar this Saturday,  and would like the notes, please email

If you have any questions about Recharge and whether it’s appropriate for you, or would just like to chat about nutrition in general at any point, email

Here’s to another amazing Recharge!



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