Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 6.12.13

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The Liberty Barbell Classic is June 22nd – sign up to compete here!
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CrossFit Generation is hosting a friendly team competition on August 17th – I’m creating 3 teams of 6 (the most we can take) to go – if you’d like to be included, just email me ( – also, if you’d like to be generally aware or a part of forming how CFCC competes in the CF community, please save Friday, June 21st at 730pm for a Competitor’s Meeting – let us know you’re coming here!

Below, Danny performing the Front Lever Pull for Lat activation (the arms should be just a bit straighter – it’s hard to tell with his fancy CrossFit Open outfit).



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball pecs and quads, 5 minutes. German Hang, accumulate 1 minute with or without assistance. 3 Rounds of: a few front lever pulls for lat activation, a few kipping swings, 3 inverted hand push-ups, 6 reps of the no money drill.

SKILL WORK: Strict False Grip Muscle-up to Kipping False Grip Muscle-up (about 15-20 minutes).

CONDITIONING: AMRAP in 15 minutes: Run 400m, complete an unbroken set of muscle-ups – if no MUs, complete an unbroken set of chest-to-bar pull-ups – if no C2B, complete an unbroken set of kipping pull-ups (banded or not).

The forecast reads a bit of rain tomorrow, if this happens some classes may sub 40 double unders for the run (or 100 singles).  Those of you who don’t mind, may run :)

Just a little bit of encouragement for you all – one year ago, this was Record’s first muscle-up EVER. During the third WOD of Regionals, she did 13 burpee muscle-ups in a 7-minute period AFTER Overhead Squatting 160lbs.

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