Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 7.17.13

Below, notice:┬áDuring the split or push jerk you do not HAVE to be able to grip the bar entirely to be able to drive it up in a straight line, though Luke’s grip here is as minimal as it should get. Some prefer to keep a full grip on the bar when putting it over head and some prefer less grip. There are merits to both options: when keeping the grip on the bar it’s much easier to punch through at the top and direct the bar for most. For those who struggle with getting their elbows up on the clean, keeping the elbows right below the wrists can also be less risky for the wrists and lead to an all around more comfortable rack position. When gripping the bar though, most athletes will initially attempt to use the arms and NOT the hips to drive the bar up. When using a lesser grip the elbows are forced to stay tall and the hips HAVE to be predominantly active because the hands don’t feel secure enough to begin the push. The lockout can be a tough transition at first (from open to hand to closed hand) but some feel totally comfortable with this and those people should definitely keep their clean and jerks this way. Ideally, you will have some compromise of the two if you are mobile enough to keep the elbows in position and the hands a bit more active.



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Quads and Adductors, 4 minutes. Lax Ball Feet and Lower Leg, 4 minutes. 1 round of: 5 Cat-Camel, 5 Yoga Push-ups, 5 Inchworms, 5 Inverted Hand Push-ups, 5 Spiderman Steps plus Overhead Reach per Side, 5 Glute Bridges, 5 Pause Jump Squats.

ACTIVATION: Single Leg Squat Hold plus PVC Overhead in Jerk Grip Width, 1 minute hold per side.

SKILL WORK: Squat Clean and Split or Push Jerk

CONDITIONING: 30 reps for time of Squat Clean and Jerk (155/105). Use 60-65% of your best clean and jerk if not completing this as rx’d. There is a non-mandatory 15 minute cap.

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