Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 7.24.13.

The Gut-Skin Axis – interesting stuff in a season where most of us are showing more skin than usual ;)

Below, the very first CrossFitters completing this workout in the first CrossFit gym ever!


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball the Hip Flexors and Glutes, 2 minutes per side.  Then, hold a Glute Bridge for 30 seconds, hold a Plank with arms extended for 30 seconds, hold a Side Plank for 30 seconds, repeat on the other side. Review the hang power clean drills.

SKILL WORK: Muscle-up

CONDITIONING: “Nasty Girls” 3 rounds: 50 Air Squats, Muscle-ups – 7 reps, Hang Power Clean (135/95) – 7 reps

*Sub 14 Ring Dips and 14 Kipping Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups split up any way you like for MU. Band Assisted MU are also fine to sub.

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